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Border Mail: 28 June 2017
Border Mail: 28 June 2017: Given the right space, more skills will grow.

Past: first meeting of the Albury Women’s Shed (AWS) occurred in September 2016. The first year was spent fundraising, planning and searching for premises. The meeting minutes indicate a lot of thought and effort was expended in approaching local councils and organisations for assistance. June 2017 AWShed was offered the premises on Smollett St and regular sessions have been run since then. Ian Crane, from the Thurgoona Men’s Shed offered assistance and advice.

These regular sessions were made possible by a volunteer and mentor from the Thurgoona Men’s Shed. Dave opened 3 sessions a week for more than a year – his efforts have been significant, helpful and greatly appreciated. It was with Dave’s assistance that we ran more formal sessions to use pallet wood to make coffee tables. Unfortunately, Dave had to move on and we needed to find another volunteer to open for us.

New members working on mosaics
New members & new projects in mosaics

Present: We are now operating from a facility we share with the Thurgoona Men’s Shed. The men at the Thurgoona Men’s Shed have been working hard to upgrade the current premises and we now have a functional craft room and access to a variety of tools, machines, and equipment. Members of the Albury Women’s Shed are very appreciative of the efforts the men have made, and are making, to include and welcome us to the Shed.

Production line to make nesting boxes.

Future: We have a pottery kiln and wheel waiting for us. It will be unpacked as soon as possible; however, this will need to wait for the upgrades to the Shed to be completed.